Our clothing, collars and harnesses all vary in size from one to another. Therefore we recommend checking the size chart on each product page to determine what size is best for your dog. Our guide below shows you best how to measure your dog which we hope will be really helpful!

If after measuring your dog he falls between two sizes, we recommend buying the larger size. Our collars and harnesses can be adjusted. And if clothing is too tight your dog could get hot and uncomfortable so a slightly bigger size is always best.

We recommend first using the length measurement (for clothing) - T-Shirts and Vests are designed to be a couple of inches away from your dog's tail. You can then see if the length is right for you. Then look at neck and chest sizes. 

The length for products like jackets and coats is designed to be close to the base of your pet's tail.  While other products like t-shirts, tanks, and dresses should generally be within 2 to 4 inches from the base of the tail but of course the preference is yours!

Some sites give example breeds for their sizes, for example generally a Pug would fit into a large harness, a Chihuahua into a small, a French Bulldog into a large or XL, etc. But of course like humans, all dogs vary from one to the other, even if they're the same breed. Some are longer, some are broader some are taller. So we think it's more important to measure your dog and look at the size tables! If you have any questions about sizing just get in touch via email or Instagram!